Welcome to the Loughborough University Online Incident Reporting Portal

This tool allows you to report to the University incidents of: Domestic Violence (including honour based), Bullying and Harassment, Stalking, Hate Incidents (including racism, homophobia etc.), Safeguarding, Sexual Violence, Mental Health and Wellbeing (including self-harm and suicide attempts), Problematic Substance Misuse and any other welfare concerns.

You can use this tool to report incidents that have happened to yourself, on behalf of another person or that you have witnessed.

If you are in immediate danger or need immediate support, please contact Security on 0800 526966, or the Emergency Services on 999.
A list of support services who can provide immediate help can be found on the website.

All incidents reported on the system will be handled by trained specialist support staff based in Student Services. They will look at your report and help to support you.

To create a new report, log in to the system using your University Username and Password, from here select New Report. If you wish to view a report that you have already submitted, select the My Reports button.

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Please note, signing in to this system helps you create and manage your incident report. You still have the choice whether or not to remain anonymous.However, the University may access your details in our system in instances where there were significant safeguarding concerns.

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If you are unable to log in using a University account, or are a concerned friend/relative please use the following form.